i-record – Configuration tool for record doors

The configuration and maintenance of automatic door systems is a daily challenge for installers and service technicians. With i-record, our in-house developed solution, doors can be easily configured and put into operation.

The authorised technician can connect to the door via Bluetooth® using a WIDI (dongle) and the i-record app. Once the connection to the app has been established, it takes just a few clicks to put the door into operation, configure parameters and sensors, update software and carry out error analysis and troubleshooting.

i-record – Configuration tool for record doors
i-record – Configuration tool for record doors


  • Full freedom of movement via wireless connection to the door control
  • System-based guidance through the configuration and commissioning process
  • Extensive diagnostic functions and supported troubleshooting
  • Help button for direct request of local first level support
  • Automatic download of licenses and software updates
  • Possibility of remote maintenance via external software such as TeamViewer

Supported door controls

STA20 sliding doors
DFA 127 swing doors (software version >= 2.0)
KST200 Revolving doors
SPEEDCORD High-speed doors

Basic requirements which need to be fulfilled to work with i-record, along with various other information on this innovative system can be found on the separate website i.record.global.