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A virtual product range tour through records most popular products.

record STA 20 – Classic linear sliding door – the allrounder

The record STA 22 automatic sliding door is the ideal solution for special heavy duty applications.

The record TSA 20 automatic telescope sliding door is always a perfect solution for a very large entrance by a shopping mall for example.

The record TOS total opening system is a linear sliding door installation, featuring the ability of door leaves and side panels to be pivoted through 90°, irrespective of the position of the door.

The video shows the record S 16 SU under floor automatic sliding door system. This particular door system has been designed to provide building owners and architects with a stylish automatic door entrance, without the necessary bulky pelmets of standard overhead systems.

The video shows a swing doors opening automatically with an installation of two record DFA 127 operators.

The video shows a main entrance with an installation of two record C 127 in floor mounted automatic swing door operators.

The video shows an entrance with an installation of a record C 127 in floor mounted automatic swing door operator. The door opens after using a push-button switch from record. Next to the automatic swing door two revolving doors were installed.

Video of a simulated bomb attack on a record automatic sliding door.

The record folding door is ideal for narrow passageways.

The video demonstrates how the record Thermcord prevents heat loss and cold air entering through automatic doors.

Video of the record Thermcord+ showing the effect of using active seals.

Intelligent identification and access control systems open up new possibilities for controlling access to secure areas. In combination with our new TOF-3D technology, a high-security entrance solution is created that reliably prevents unauthorized access. The product is designed to strike a balance between easy public access and the high levels of security required in high risk areas.

Video of the record K 21 two wing revolving door with an integrated automatic sliding door.

Video of the record K 31 three wing revolving door with a night shutter.

The video demonstrates how the record R 62 enclosed interlock system prevents tailgating and piggybacking behaviours.

record CLEAN refers to a series of models that are fitted when requirements call for automatic doors with hermetic seals and clearly defined specifications.

The record SPEEDCORD is a rapid operating shutter door for indoor applications, easily installed between the warehouse and sales area, or between two warehouses.

The video demonstrates how the rotating carousel stops until the obstruction is cleared.

Short instruction how the electronic control unit BDE works.

Several videos show how to feature BIM Revit