record automatische Türsysteme

About record – your global partner for entrance solutions

The agta record Group is among the world’s leading manufacturers of automatic door systems. Group headquarters are located in Fehraltorf, Switzerland, where the Company produces and supplies high-quality products to its global markets via subsidiaries in 17 countries and more than 200 agencies all over the world.

When H.H. Bunzl established the Company in 1953, he could not have imagined that it would soon grow into one of the world’s leading providers of door automation systems. Then, as now, the driving force behind agta record has been to continuously strive to fulfil customers’ needs and requirements. Today, agta record employs more than 2,600 people worldwide, developing and producing high quality, innovative solutions for the widest imaginable range of applications.

The product range includes sliding, folding, swing and revolving doors, airtight and hygienic doors, fire and smoke resistant doors, one-way door systems, high-speed gates for industrial applications and safety doors for use in escape and rescue routes. agta record also manufactures telescopic, round and angled sliding doors, as well as burglar resistant models. Door system peripherals are all record in-house developments, and manufactured exclusively by record in Switzerland.

agta record is also justly proud of its range of maintenance services, which ensure that record automatic doors function smoothly and fault-free all over the world.

Welcome to the agta record group

Dear Customer

Your complete satisfaction with the quality of our products and services is our top priority. To achieve this we provide:

  • Individual, professional advice in choosing building access solutions for both people and goods;
  • A wide range of high-tech products designed to meet the needs of modern building automation;
  • Elegant designs with a variety of options, compatible with any architectural style or building plan.
  • We ensure expert, prompt installation and operation, with training courses to familiarize you with the way our products work.
  • Our maintenance plans ensure you can rely on record products for many years to come.

We have subsidiaries in Europe, Asia and the USA and more than 200 agencies all over the world. Over 60 years of experience in mechanics, sensor technology, electronics and software for automatic door systems and related products. So talk to us about your needs and we will listen! Thank you for your trust in our company; we are looking forward to hearing from you.

Stefan Riva
CEO agta record ag

Mission statement

Our group of companies designs, manufactures, markets, installs and maintains high quality products in Door, Gate and Building Automation (the control and monitoring of doors). We want to be the market leader in these areas! The wishes of the customers should be at the centre of our product development and all our services. We are open to new methods and new ideas. We strive to produce creative solutions, as only the continuous renewal of our range of products and services will guarantee the future success of the record group! We support market economy and profit-oriented principles. As a company that is quoted on the stock exchange, we look after the long-term interests of the shareholders and stakeholders*.

These goals can be achieved if our employees at all levels are highly qualified and motivated. The prerequisite for this is that technical and personal education and training is permanently promoted. The positive example of the managers is the basis of a good working environment and for the professional and personal development of our employees. We are convinced that thorough and fair business management in all respects and positive thinking have to be the chief principles of all our dealings.

Hubert Jouffroy 
Chairman of the Board of Directors

* Persons who have an interest in the business of our company, for example, employees, sub-contractors, the tax office, local communities, etc.

That is record!

The first chapter of our company began in 1953 selling door drives, which were at that time a brand new product. Today, over 60 years later, our automatic door systems are in use worldwide, maintained by hundreds of service teams. Around 94'000 new record drives are sold every year in more than 50 countries.

Our Group of companies manufactures, sells, installs and maintains not only high-quality products in the field of doors and shutter doors, but also building automation systems (door control and monitoring). The Group develops all the components for drives, controllers and peripherals at their production sites in Switzerland, USA, Germany and France, providing the drive behind the steady growth of the last few decades.

Our subsidiaries in Europe, USA and Asia and our many years of experience in the field of mechanics, sensors, electronics and software for automatic door systems and peripherals make us a highly competent and reliable partner.

The customer is at the center of both the development of our products and their letated services. We are open to new ideas and methods.

The full satisfaction of our customers with the quality of our products and services is our most important goal and crucially important. We implement creative solutions, as only the constant renewal of the range of products and services can secure the success of the Group in the future.

The issue of maintenance and inspection enjoys a special status at record. Our products are designed for extreme longevity, so with the passing of time they may encounter changes to various statutory rules and provisions. In order to enhance customer convenience, our maintenance contracts are designed to provide personalized solutions that can be varied to suit the customer and provide the right kind of support to meet legal responsibilities in maintaining and caring for the installation.

Stefan Riva - Chief Executive Officer