record DFA 127 INVERSE – opens without mains power

The record DFA 127 INVERSE enables doors to open securely and reliably, even without a power supply. During the motor-driven closing cycle, the energy required for opening is mechanically stored using a spring. Should smoke start to fill the building, the independent smoke and heat venting system controls the drive, and the INVERSE opens reliably, even during power failures. The door can therefore be used to allow fresh air to circulate inside buildings, or to vent smoke and heat.

record DFA 127 INVERSE – opens without mains power

Especially suitable for use in:

  • Escape route openings
  • Securing guide routes for persons
  • Venting smoke and heat

Special benefits:

  • The opening stop is integrated into the door drive system (no hazard for pedestrians to stumble over)
  • No emergency power supply required to open the door
  • The electromagnetic parking brake means additional electrical opening devices on interior doors can be dispensed with.

Universally applicable

The record DFA 127 is a universal drive system for the automation of swing doors. It is characterized by sophisticated technology, compact design and especially record’s legendary smoothness of operation. The focus on a broad range of applications makes it a full-fledged drive, suitable for widely differing requirements.

Its universal qualities are mainly due to its electro-mechanical construction, and partly due to its modular design. When the door drive motor operates, it simultaneously tensions a spring integrated in the drive housing. The shutting movement uses energy stored in the spring, which, depending on requirements, is also motor-assisted. Even without motor assistance, thanks to ingenious mechanics, optimum power deployment is achieved in the entire door swing area. This is necessary to move the door reliably to its end position against draft resistance, for example, and also complies with the norms and standards of current safety requirements.

The record DFA 127 is available to operate doors in sizes EN4 to EN6. The different spring forces required can be quickly and precisely adjusted on the spot using the special adjustment screw.

In detail, this model also provides many other sophisticated features, allowing pre-defined door types to be quickly and easily adapted to local and country-specific circumstances.


  • DIN 18 650-compliant technology, approved worldwide 
  • Approved as a hold-open system for fire protection barriers
  • Can be used with various fire-protection profile systems such as Jansen, Forster, Heroal and Schüco
  • Features gerontology technology for barrier-free access


  • Double swing doors with or without master /slave operation
  • Power saving mode: adjustable opening of one or both door panels (stretcher opening)
  • Integrated sequential closing control for double-leaf fire door applications
  • Interlock function for two single doors installed consecutively 
  • Direction-oriented opening for oncoming traffic in corridors
  • Opening or closing without current