Options for Automatic Door Systems

record PROTECT IP65

record PROTECT IP65 is a sliding door system with IP65 encapsulated modules, in which the operator, lock, battery and expansion module are housed in sealed stainless steel enclosures made of 1.4404 (AISI 316L) stainless steel, which offer unique resistance to water, moisture and dust. Works reliably – always independent of environmental conditions such as near the sea, on ships, in swimming pools or near the tropics. The well-known record System 20 door system is extended to include the IP65 protection class variant in accordance with DIN EN 60529 (IEC60529/VDE 047). 

record FlowControl – Counting solution with door interaction

As a door manufacturer we cannot produce ventilators or masks. But we are committed to make a contribution, so when the relaxation of lockdown measures begins, it can be carried out in a controlled manner.

record BDE-D

The mode of operation is selected intuitively using the BDE-D electronic remote control; the display features text in the language of your choice. The convenient and user-friendly BDE-D remote control can also be used to set or modify application-specific door parameters such as opening and closing speeds, opening widths for reduced opening, duration of open times, etc.

Touchless switch

Bacteria and viruses are mainly transmitted through the hands. When the door handle turns into a germ spreader, this is a problem for companies, especially in the hygiene sector. On many everyday things like smartphones, shopping carts, light switches or door handles adhere to the unwelcome bacteria firmly. For hospitals, doctors’ surgeries, restaurants as well as the food processing industry the touchless switch is the perfect solution. Are the hands occupied with carrying shopping bags, anything else or by typing a message on the smartphone, the approach to the switch is enough and and the automatic door open.

In addition to the simple operation of the door, the record BLS 60 is hygienic to use, as at no time the skin comes into contact with the object.


The configuration and maintenance of automatic door systems is a daily challenge for installers and service technicians. With i-record, our in-house developed solution, doors can be easily configured and put into operation.

The authorised technician can connect to the door via Bluetooth® using a WIDI (dongle) and the i-record app. Once the connection to the app has been established, it takes just a few clicks to put the door into operation, configure parameters and sensors, update software and carry out error analysis and troubleshooting.