record MPV – multi-point locking for sliding doors

To prevent automatic sliding doors being forced open, for example, locking the entrance to a pharmacy, record provides a variety of solutions. As a convenient alternative to traditional manual floor locks, record provides multi-point locking (MPV), which effectively prevents the door from opening, and features two bolts at the floor and two at the top of the header profile.

record MPV – multi-point locking for sliding doors
record MPV – multi-point locking for sliding doors record MPV – multi-point locking for sliding doors

Locking and burglary protection

The centrepiece of record’s MPV is a compact module that easily fits into the space behind the low profile, 108 mm high drive housing. The only limitation is due to the longitudinally extending bolts that require a certain space within the profile. The MPV can be installed in all record sliding doors fitted with double-glazing, as well as linear or radial sliding doors, single leaf or fitted with record’s total opening system (TOS). The multi-point locking system (MPV) locks all of them securely.

Locking occurs electromechanically using a unit equipped with a heavy-duty transmission gear, which is securely housed in the drive housing to prevent tampering. A stainless steel band descends onto two pins that are securely anchored to the door leaves, locking them at the top of the installation. At the same time, two bolts extend longitudinally through the door, dropping several centimetres into the floor holes, or into the floor rail sockets provided.

The bolts are fully integrated into the profiles, thus improving door leaf stability, and are located at multiple points. They also freely rotate in the area of the door’s lower edge, thereby counteracting any attempt to cut them with a saw. Also fabricated of stainless steel, they are strong enough not only to prevent forced entry, but also to withstand the typical wear and tear of decades of daily use.

The multi point locking mechanism is easily activated using the record BDE-D remote control unit. In «locked» mode, its automatic push-button operation requires no other manual intervention. Unlocking is also possible by simply selecting the appropriate operational mode on the remote. During a power outage or emergency, a Bowden cable enables the door to be unlocked mechanically, allowing safe exit from the building, despite the lock still being activated.

Retro-installing MPV would require considerable additional work and expense, so we at record recommend the need for burglar protection measures to be carefully considered at the planning stage.