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record Retrofit Kit – Door operator for repacement and modification

Where an existing automatic door has failed but the original equipment is obsolete or uneconomical then the doors themselves can be re-used and the operating motor and control systems replaced with a record Retrofit Kit. This option provides a cost effective alternative to replacing the door in its entirety.

record STA 20 – Retrofit Kit

The record Retrofit Kit enables the modernization of most door systems commonly installed in the last few decades. This applies not only to record products, but also to a variety of systems by other manufactures.


  • Significantly reduced costs when compared with rebuilding
  • Most door parts can be retained
  • No changes in appearance
  • After installation, your door system meets current legal requirements for personal safety
  • State-of-the-art technology ensures smooth operation for many more years
  • Sure availability of spare parts
  • Hundreds of thousands of proven drive units
  • Reduced maintenance

Models which can be converted:

ATS Clixmaster CS / CS-F  
Besam EMD  
Besam UniSlide  
Burmann AT 01  
Ditec GTV  
Dorma ES 90 / 100  
Dorma CS  
Geze TSA 350 N / 360  
Gilgen SLM  
Gilgen SLX  
record STA 12 / 14  
record STA 13 / 15  
Tormax TEP / TXP