record FlowControl – Counting solution with door interaction

As a door manufacturer we cannot produce ventilators or masks. But we are committed to make a contribution, so when the relaxation of lockdown measures begins, it can be carried out in a controlled manner.


record FlowControl – counting solution with door interaction

Our solution is aimed at all retailers and public buildings where further social distancing will be a priority.  The system monitors the number of people in the building and automatically deactivates the entrance door when the limit is reached – even if there are several entrances and exits to the building.

In this way, the flow of people can be reliably limited so that a safe public environment is maintained.  The signal at the entrance is a traffic light system with colour-changing LED strips that are clearly visible to everyone.

Out standalone solution will relieve all these entrances from being monitored by cashiers and other employees of the building, so that they can do their actual job.