record Thermcord3 – Thermally Insulated Doors

The awareness of dealing responsibly with natural resources is also reflected in the requirements on buildings and their elements, such as windows and doors, and thus leads to a reduction in energy costs. Heat loss via walls and doors can be efficiently reduced by the automatic door system THERMCORD3 with complete thermal separation, from the panel and profile system to the thermally separated floor rail in the longitudinal axis.

Thermally Insulated Doors Thermally Insulated Doors

The longitudinal profiles installed in the door leaves feature enormous rigidity with their structure-reinforcing double V-shape. This means that the movement of the door is largely unaffected by high wind loads, suction or pressure. As a further result of this rigidity, the clearances could be reduced, which in terms of avoiding draughts makes the THERMCORD3 superior to a conventional design already in the layout. Even driving rain with an intensity far exceeding the maximum defined category E 600,A is effectively repelled and protects your entrance area from weather damage.


  • Effective thermal barrier from the panel and vertical profile to the floor rail
  • Triple glazing to improve thermal insulation
  • Unchanged series drives - therefore economical in maintenance and servicing
  • Door system with complete thermal separation from the panel and vertical profile to the floor rail.