Revolving Doors

Revolving doors are undoubtedly the most prominent part of our portfolio. This is not just because of their sometimes imposing dimensions, but because of the remarkably individual way they allow architects to change and interpret their shape and design, with new and extensive variations.


Revolving doors are the first choice when it comes to counteracting drafts, noise, dust, and temperature fluctuations. Revolving doors are particularly effective at preventing drafts, and other door systems, such as two consecutive sliding doors, are unable to equal this. Revolving doors can greatly reduce heat loss, minimizing the heating and air conditioning required, in some cases dramatically.


Revolving doors are almost always unique. This is shown by the fact that they have to be integrated much earlier into the general architectural design and planning process than is commonly the case with our other automatic door systems. It is also obvious that you have enormous leeway, not only in terms of aesthetics, but also in the selection of materials and surface finishes, all of which enable a wide range of possibilities.