Media release 25.01.2018

2017 sales growth of more than 4 % to EUR 367 million in line with expectations

The maintenance and service business contributed with growth of more than 3 %, which happened on top of high growth in 2016, to overall sales grwoth and achieved sales of EUR 1468.8 million in 2017. The weakness of the British Pound and to a smaller extent of the Swiss Franc (especially towards the end of the year) reduced 2017 total sales by EUR 4.5 million.

Profitability is expected to increase overproportionately and according to plan, with additional improvement potential in France and the UK. The restructuring efforts of the past and additinal benefits from the supply chain contributed to margin increases in 2017


in EUR Million 2017 2016 Change
Total 12 months 367.1 351.9 + 4,3 %
12 months sales at constant exchange rates 371.6 351.9 + 5.6 %


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